How To

Parking, Directions, and Transportation

Walt Disney World is located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, just outside of Kissimmee and about 20 miles southwest of Orlando and Orlando International Airport.

 From the airport you’ll want to follow the directions to 417 and take that west until you have passed Interstate 4. Once in that area, you’ll need to watch for the exit appropriate for your specific destination.

 Parking at Walt Disney World is different depending on what you are doing. Parking at Downtown Disney is free. Parking at any of the on-property resorts is free for guests and anybody with appropriate business at the hotel (eating at one of the restaurants, for example). Parking is also free at the two water park, the Wide World of Sports complex and the golf courses. Each of the four theme parks has it own parking, which is free for guests of the on-property resorts and annual passholders but otherwise costs $12 for regular cars, $13 for RVs, and $16 for buses and tractor trailers. (Parking prices last increased on August 3, 2008.) Except for Magic Kingdom, the theme park parking is right in front of the gates. For Magic Kingdom you’ll need to park at the Ticket & Transportation Center and take the monorail or ferry to the park.

 Once on property, there is a resort-wide system of free buses. For the most part it is possible to get to every park from every hotel. If nothing else, every location with a bus stop connects to the hub at Downtown Disney from where you can connect to any other location. There is also a ferry that connects Epcot to the hotels in the Epcot area.

 For additional information on getting around the parks with wheelchairs and ECVs see Walt Disney World Mobility page.


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